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The Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd, the largest Plantation company in public sector was formed in 1962, by the Government of Kerala with an initial share capital of Rs.750 Lakhs . The purpose of establishment the Plantation Corporation was to accelerate the agro - economic development of Kerala. No efforts have been spared to achieve this purpose in the four decades of its existence.
The PCK always maintained a very healthy state of affairs in production and human resource management. The Corporation enjoyed profits rolling in all through its existence. Extensive estate holdings of the PCK have made it one of the largest plantation owners in the country. From a total 14,020 Ha. as much as 6,458 Ha. are under rubber. Cashew plantations make up 6,361 Ha. and oil palm in 705 Ha. while the rest area is planted with cinnamon, areca nuts, coconut, pepper, gaecinia, teak and other miscellaneous trees. Thus rubber and cashew are the two major crops raised by the Corporation.

Price with effect from 23-07-2014
Full Advance Payment / liter  RS 101.26 + Tax
Full Advance payment / wet kg  RS 107 + Tax
Payment through Bank / wet kg  RS 0 + Tax
For Supply in Tanker (without barrels)
Full Advance Payment / wet kg  RS 104.5 + Tax
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Annual Report 2011-12
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